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Natura Equa Coffee beans, 500g, Organic and Fairtrade - Annie's Farm Produce

Natura Equa Coffee beans, 500g, Organic and Fairtrade

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Winners of 4 Gold Medals in Italy as Best Espresso coffee
Perfect balance between acidity and mildness. Flavours of berry fruits, caramel
and Amaretto. The coffee for a fair choice and the environment.
NATURA EQURA blend, made from the finest 100% Organic Arabica beans
certified by FAIRTRADE®.  In keeping with these values we implemented an
entire process of production and packaging that has a Zero Impact ® for the
environment. This blend represents the symbol of our support in ethical and
ecological issues.
This coffee is grown by small cooperatives or communities at altitudes ranging
between 1400 and 1900 meters above sea level, with all the passion and care of
those who consider this activity as the center of their livelihood. Fairtrade
ensures fairer trading conditions and the opportunity for investment in the
producers in these developing countries.
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