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Organic Balsamic Vinager from Modena, Italy, 250ml - Annie's Farm Produce

Organic Balsamic Vinager from Modena, Italy, 250ml

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**Can only be purchased as an add on to an Annie's Farm Box**

Winners of 2 Gold Medals Taste in 2014 and 2016
Slow ageing is a fundamental requirement for obtaining an excellent balsamic
Due Vittorie Oro spends a good part of its life in durmast barrels that
encourages the transfer of tannins and the absorption of the essences of the
The full-bodied sweetness of the Due Vittorie Oro blends harmoniously with
the degree of acidity, while the thickness and the aroma crown and fulfil
sensory perceptions, which are fully rewarding. The after-taste of black cherry,
is a reminder of the many wonderful ways the condiment can be used to
accompany dishes for all occasions

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