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Annie's Farm organic Curly Parsley

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Fresh Cut Curly Organic Parsley 50g

"Of the two varieties, curly parsley  with its frilly edges, has a milder flavor than flat-leaf parsley But each has its place in our kitchen."

"CULINARY FACTS: Fresh young leaves, are an excellent addition to any salad. Parsley salads, such as the Middle Eastern tabouleh, are delicious. Curly parsley is used as a garnish but still has flavoring properties.  The flat leaf parsley is not as eye pleasing as the curly parsley but is traditionally used only as a flavoring element in recipes. It is extremely nutritious. The fresh leaves are an admirable adornment for any meal. The herb is also a terrific flavoring for tomato dishes, baked potatoes, various fish dishes, and egg dishes. Dishes of not sweet-soup, shellfish, meat and-fowl, stews and vegetable dishes are liable to contain Parsley. The herb blends well with other seasonings and stands alone.  It should be used generously or sparingly. Cooks favor Italian, or plain leaf parsley. Italian parsley has more flavor than French parsley, but the curly leaf parsley rains supreme as a garnish for many different foods." -( )

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